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Full body massage relaxes muscle, stimulates circulation, relieves tension, muscle spasm, and pain caused by stress, and injury. It also promotes sleep, provides feeling of tranquility, and heightened well-being.

Muscle spasms may go un-treated resulting in decreased range of motion, fatigue, pain, inflammation and much more. Massage relieves tension and pain caused by stress, injury, repetition, and physical activity.

Most people think of massage as a luxury, or pampering. But for most, Massage Therapy is a necessity in many ways.

I offer several modalities such as Prenatal Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone and Swedish Massage.

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Massage Prices

• 1/2 Hour Session - $35
The massage consists of back, neck, and shoulder massage.

 • 1 Hour Session - $65
Full body massage for pain and stress. Balance and rejuvenation.

• 1 1/2 Hour - $85
Consists of the above as well as focus on the problem areas, head to toe therapy!

1 Hour Hot Stone - $80
Back Only - Relaxation Massage -

1 1/2 Hour Hot Stone - $100
Full Body Relaxation Massage